Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

18 Days: Maybe With A Touch Of Fatigue

A lazy day, generally. Weather wasn't that great, so I didn't plan anything ambitious for the morning. Just did laundry, and eventually hopped the train to Tokyo station, where I went looking for the NHK Character Store.

Found it. Three more Domo-kun straps (my keitai denwa is starting to look a bit ridiculous) and a Domo-kun plushie later, I walked out only a bit over 3000円 poorer or so. Which, actually, was less damage than I'd expected.

After that, wandered over to Akihabara (where I'd be meeting my Japanese friend eventually), and after wandering a bit, sat down and people-watched for a while. He was a bit late, so it was a bit longer while than I'd expected, but still not too bad. I think maybe I'll go over tomorrow morning for a bit and do some more people watching (although I'm sure it'll be insanely crowded, like it was today), then maybe retrieve my luggage and hop the train down to Yokohama, where I'm moving my base of operations tomorrow.

Anyway, eventually we took off to Mr. (and Mrs., of course) Nippon2007 Chairman's house for a low-key party (picking up some supplies on the way), and spent the rest of the day there. Low key fun was had, much food was consumed (including these anko-based confections wrapped in sakura leaves, complete with a blossom -- kinda getting into the season, literally, and pretty cool), conversation stumbled through in multiple languages (okay, well, two), and a rather embarrassing number of gifts were bestowed upon me. Never let it be said that Japanese hospitality is anything short of astonishing. In fact, it kinda makes me... Uncomfortable... Because it's just so much. I know I'm maybe being silly, but I do worry that I'm putting my hosts out, and that they do things for me out of a sense of obligation rather than out of some sort of spontaneity. Of course, I guess in the same sense that smiling actually makes you feel better, maybe doing things for people makes you feel better even if it somehow happened to be obligatory.

Eh, I ramble. I guess I am a bit neurotic that way. And stubborn -- I hate asking for help from anyone (especially friends) too.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty wonderful evening (yay, even rode back to the station in Mr. Chairman's car -- just need to borrow a scooter and rent a bicycle to make my transportation cycle complete -- got boat, plane, train, bus, taxi, and car covered), and it's probably one of the things I'll remember most about the trip. Someday I'd like to repay them somehow.

Also, today, I ended up with one of those Suica cards, which I guess I may still be using come August (depending on how long I stay then, and whether I get a rail pass, and for how long). Usual crowded late weekend train, although it wasn't helped by there being a delay due to another train with mechanical difficulties of some sort. On the way back, it also occured to me how... Normal... Japan has become to me. After a couple of weeks, strangely, it's almost like I live here in a way, and it's going to be a bit of a shock returning to Denver.

Anyway, tomorrow, not much planned, really (just moving to Yokohama, and maybe a side trip to Akiba), but I guess it partly depends on the weather, too.
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