Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

16 Days (Early): Questions

Okay, things that have been bugging me.

What are all those long metal wire frameworks (kinda like long half-cylinder-shaped) that are set up all over Akita? I assume they're for growing something, but what?

What are those signs with the big squares with numbers in them for in Akita City?

What the heck is that show that seems to be on at about 8AM every morning on AAB (and I remember seeing before I got here, but not sure on what stations). The one with the scary music, blurred out faces, strange stylized family diagrams (with featureless red and blue CGI heads) and such? Seems like there's some sort of crime involved, but, um, in a really sensationalist goofy kind of way. And foreigners. Apparently they're bad. Or something.
Tags: 日本 3/2007

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