Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

15 Days: Also, There Was Hinai

You know, dryers really suck in Japan. Just sayin'.

So, as instructed, I set out in search of Hinaya tonight. And, well, I found it (had to ask for help, as until I got there, I never did figure out the kanji for 比内 -- although the computer here knows. Silly computer, showing me up like that). Of course, I also found out that it's actually four restaurants in one, and Hinaiya itself is apparently not the place I needed to go, since it was just me. And that was the big crowded table for large groups of people place.

So, my choices were Hatahataya, Kamakuraya, and Wasabiya, all of which were apparently really the same, and all of which were (as best I could understand) "sister" restaurants. So, I went to Wasabiya, since that seemed to be the hot place to be. Zing.

Anyway, I ordered the hinai dori kiritanpo as instructed. I'm not quite sure what I ate, exactly, but it's apparently the signature dish of Akita, and it was pretty good. Had, like, uh, chicken in it, and vegetables, and some noodles, and some broth of some sort, and, uh... Hush puppies? Cornbread? Weird tofu? What was that stuff? It wasn't bad, though.

And there it is.

Tomorrow, Kakunodate and on to Sendai.
Tags: 日本 3/2007
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