Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Day The Twelfth: Part Two -- The Twelfth Night

Wandered around outside my hotel a bit tonight -- probably more than I should have, given my feet and all. Niigata may look like Tokyo from the train, but from the ground, it's obviously not. There's more room, for one, and it just feels, well... More laid back. Of course, that may just be because it's Sunday night (I guess I was fairly oblivious to Tokyo's weekly rhythm -- probably would have felt it a lot stronger if I'd been there more than a week or so).

Also, seems like there's a Lawson every block or so outside. Only saw a handful in Tokyo (although Circle K dominated Matsumoto -- haven't seen any before or since that I can recall).

Outside my window is the shininess I would have expected from Tokyo -- big neon signs lighting up my room (that all shut off as the night went on, though. I've noticed that they don't tend to light up their buildings all night, not even the Landmark Tower kept all its lights on) and it's a bit on the noisy side (of course, I am right next to the train station).

Best Engrish of the trip so far -- my hotel has a "smorking area."

Tomorrow, Akita.
Tags: 日本 3/2007

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