Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

八日: "When 900 Years You Reach, Japanese You Will Be."


Got going really late, barely got out of the room before noon. Went to MOS Burger, got my cheese fondue dog (enough with MOS Burger for this trip, but it was pretty decent, actually). After that, we hopped the boat on the Sumida River, and rode down to Odaiba, under the Rainbow Bridge and everything. Took lots of pictures, and talked with this nice old lady who fed us sembei and told us about her upcoming trip to America she was apparently taking.

After that, we wandered around Odaiba, in search of lunch and an NHK store. Eventually succeeded on both counts, but unfortunately on both counts, well... For food, our choices were mostly expensive or fast food (eventually did First Kitchen, because we didn't want to do McDonalds), and for the store, it didn't have the cell phone straps, although there were Domo-kun magnets, I got a Domo-kun plushie, and got pictures with the giant Domo-kun. So, the quest continues. On the way, we wandered around a lot of shops and such, a big Toyota showcase which was actually fairly cool, and suchlike.

Eventually, we'd killed enough time that it got dark, we got our pictures of the Rainbow Bridge at night (with the faux Statue of Liberty and Tokyo Tower in the frame), then hopped the train back to Asakusa, where we had curry rice.

Not a terribly ambitious day, overall.

Also, I need to cut a couple more holes in my belt -- it wasn't really that tight back home, but it's gotten ridiculous since I got here.

[see photos on flickr]
Tags: 日本 3/2007

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