Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

六日: Part 2

Just briefly:

Dusty arrived; I fell asleep waiting (still jetlagged -- I can comfortably run until ten or midnight no problem, but if I stop, I fall over. My "core" sleep time seems to be midnight to 4 or 5 AM now, which is fine). While I was waiting, before I fell asleep, I did discover that there's nothing as incomprehensible as a Japanese blooper reel, subtitles (in Japanese, of course) or not.

Anyway... Once he got here, we didn't do anything interesting (well, not to you vampires, anyway. :-P We chatted in the hotel room for two or three hours and went to bed).

Had a weird dream last night -- I'm not even sure I was entirely asleep, because I dreamed that every time I rolled over to the left, I was somehow in Shibuya station (specifically, on the Ginza line, orange!), and when I rolled over to the right, I was somehow in Shinjuku station (on the Marunouchi line, red!). And I kept hearing the passmo jingle thing -- 電車も、バスも、パッスも! Didn't really make any sense, or even have any point at all, but often I have dreams like that -- very impressionistic.

So, today, the plan is to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan building for the view, and head over to Ebisu for the beer musuem and other places.
Tags: 日本 3/2007

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