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20 March 2007 @ 07:33 am
六日: Part 2  
Just briefly:

Dusty arrived; I fell asleep waiting (still jetlagged -- I can comfortably run until ten or midnight no problem, but if I stop, I fall over. My "core" sleep time seems to be midnight to 4 or 5 AM now, which is fine). While I was waiting, before I fell asleep, I did discover that there's nothing as incomprehensible as a Japanese blooper reel, subtitles (in Japanese, of course) or not.

Anyway... Once he got here, we didn't do anything interesting (well, not to you vampires, anyway. :-P We chatted in the hotel room for two or three hours and went to bed).

Had a weird dream last night -- I'm not even sure I was entirely asleep, because I dreamed that every time I rolled over to the left, I was somehow in Shibuya station (specifically, on the Ginza line, orange!), and when I rolled over to the right, I was somehow in Shinjuku station (on the Marunouchi line, red!). And I kept hearing the passmo jingle thing -- 電車も、バスも、パッスも! Didn't really make any sense, or even have any point at all, but often I have dreams like that -- very impressionistic.

So, today, the plan is to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan building for the view, and head over to Ebisu for the beer musuem and other places.
Current Location: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
In the mood: chippergenki