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六日: "There Are No Whales In Colorado, Either" (Part 1?)

Today (or most of today, since it's about five now, and I'm waiting for Dusty to arrive in a couple of hours, assuming he hasn't been delayed):

Got up, and set out in search of anpan. Succeeded. Found the gas station I was looking for, too, and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. Even the cats stare at gaijin here -- should have gotten a picture of one that stopped to stare at me this morning on my anpan expedition (I love how they also have signs that say "don't feed the cats" in the parks).

After that, set out to find Iriya station, succeeded, and hopped the subway to Ueno, where I walked around a bit (looks like the sakura might be sometime soon, we'll have to see how soon), took a couple pictures, might have seen Fuji-san (it was a bit hazy, and at best I barely saw the outline), and decided that the one thing I don't like about Japan is the toilets. Beyond being confusing, the public toilets are remarkably... Public.

At this point, I was kinda bored, so I hopped on the subway out to Shibuya, had no problem finding Hachiko (who had on a nice knitted afghan today), wandered on the trains and the subway back and forth to Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ginza, and back, periodically stopping to find a konbini, grab some パン of some sort, and get some of that royal milk tea stuff to wash it down (Dusty's right, it is da bomb). Did some people watching on the trains, and I think I've pretty much figured out Tokyo subway etiquitte -- it's actually quite organized and efficient, which I guess makes sense, since these may well be the most crowded subways in the the world.

Another thing I noticed -- on my search for konbinis, I figured out that the best way to find one was just to wander off the main streets to any side street, and you'd inevitably run into one almost immediately. What's more surprising to me is how hard it actually is to get lost in Tokyo. Or maybe I just totally suck at getting lost. Mind you, the compass was a really great idea, but never really had any trouble figuring out where I was, no matter how far I wandered off the main streets in search of that konbini (well, never more than a few blocks, really, although sometimes I zigged a bit to see how I'd do), even in the places were I never looked at the maps ahead of time to get oriented.

Oh, and since I get the inevitable questions about Japanese girls, I will say one thing -- a lot of them have amazingly great calves. But then, I also never quite understood why 大根足 were really a bad thing. Legs aren't meant to be toothpicks, if you ask me.

They must have elected somebody -- haven't heard any vans today. Or maybe it's a holiday or something.

So, waiting for Dusty, but no idea what we'll do tomorrow, just that it'll be fun.

[see photos on flickr]
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