Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs


Just a quick note:

If you comment on anything anonymously here (i.e., not logged into LiveJournal), I'd appreciate it if you could sign your name. I generally have had a policy where I didn't unscreen comments that weren't signed, but lately I haven't been enforcing that at all, partly because I know a lot of people I know who don't have LJ accounts are reading this, as I've given out the URL to, well, everyone, it seems like (I suspect there are some people I don't know reading this too, which is fine, of course -- sometimes even when people sign things, I'm not sure if I know them or not, or which person with a given name they might be).

I do encourage anyone reading this who plans to comment to get an LJ account, though. It's easy enough to do, and you certainly wouldn't be the first person to get an account just to read and comment on someone else's blog. It has several advantages, like email notifications when you get a reply to your comment, and if you read more than one journal, it's also convenient for reading them together (on the friends page). Also, it makes things ever so slightly easier for me, since I don't have to unscreen your comments (which also means you can see what you posted immediately -- I might not read the comment a day or two, after all).

Anyway, I thought now was a good time to mention that. So, whether or not you have an LJ account, whether or not you plan to get one, whether or not I know you, welcome to my journal. よろしく。

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