Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Day One

...And now for the real "Day One" entry, because real internet access has been deferred (that's what Xjournal is for, I guess. Although it's complaining about timestamps, so I cut and pasted this, actually). Not because I didn't have it, but because I was apparently really tired last night. Because I actually do have it -- wasted 100円 for no good reason. :)

Things of note:

Called Geico in the airport; another recorded statement for the mill (yes, DIA was the first place I had time to call them since State Farm told me they wanted a statement Friday -- the call center isn't open on weekends, and I was busy during the day on Monday).

Long flight, but not really as bad as I expected. Finished Spin on the flight (started Spin on the flight to SFO from DIA). Listened to my iPod. Was mostly bored. "Watched" the map display on the seat back in front of me a lot. Crossed the dateline right about 9PM MDT.

A little jeglagged -- got maybe four or five hours of sleep last night, which is probably good enough for today. Might try napping a bit more as the night goes on here. But I'm just so excited!

Yes, I am clearly in an alien country, language barrier aside -- rice paddies from the sky, more scooters parked in a row in one place than I've seen in my whole life[1], beer in a vending machine (I resisted until now). Also, my first earthquake[2].

My first real language-barrier issue (although I had no idea what the porter guy said to me getting on the shuttle, but really didn't have to, I guess) -- time to get out the dictionary so I can figure out how to set this alarm clock here. Although I may not actually need it. Good thing I can already tell 午後 from 午前, though. :)

Japanese TV. Yay! I like watching the commercials best -- they're wacky.

[1] Why am I having flashbacks to Good Luck? All of this looks familiar -- I guess that it should have occurred to me that it would. Also, pretty sure that Geico caveman-in-an-airport ad was filmed in SFO -- I think I walked past that spot. TV, is there anything it can't do? The reality, of course, is different than I would have imagined it if I'd really thought about it, but still.

[2] 10:39:43PM, JST -- mag 4.7. I wasn't quite awake (between light bits of sleep), took me a second to realize what the bed swaying was all about.

[3] Oh, secret message to Dusty -- I decided to pack a little lighter; I could have fit fifteen days worth of clothes in the suitcase, but it was pretty tight. So I stuck ten in there and will need to do the better part of a week's laundry sometime while we're in Tokyo.
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