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Up And Down Again

A quick snowshoeing run this morning, just three hours. A little sore (sorer than I expected I'd be, actually), but not bad. Fully considered not going, but I doubt I would have gotten anything else done anyway -- at least the driving and exertion worked out some of the antsy (but man, it was warm -- more T-shirt weather. The snow was slushtastic). Ever since, I've been doing laundry, packing, doing backups, making sure I have copies of all the reservation numbers, directions and such written down on actual note cards (i.e., non-electronic devices) to bring with -- all those things that need to get done, so as to (mostly) clear up tomorrow for work and such.

[Although there's still some annoying crap I need to do then, since apparently Geico wants a statement on the accident last month, too. Feh. And I need to track down a lawyer in Texas. More feh.

I haven't exactly been all that focused the last couple of days, but man, all this last-second prep stuff and stuff that needs to get done before I go just eats time. Where did all that spare time go?]

Anyway, took some pictures, mostly to test the new 1GB flash card and spare battery I picked up a couple days ago -- apparently they work.


This is my "huh, I guess not all pictures of Longs Peak into the sun turn out that badly" picture:

Most of the way up to Dream Lake.

Dream Lake through the trees.

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