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Car Ruminations

So. There I was, driving along, when I noticed that in the freshly minted alternate universe I was now residing in, my car had a top speed of 19MPH. Didn't seem to matter how fast the scenery (such as it was in that part of Denver) was speeding past, I was always going 19MPH. Or sometimes slower. But never more than that.

This is not good, I thought, since I knew I'd probably be driving late tonight on a freeway (possibly more or less by myself, and what with the not having other cars with which to judge the speed of the scenery), I'd probably either be ending up driving really slow, or having to explain to the cop how, no matter what his shiny radar said, I was only going 19MPH. Really, officer, my speedometer said so.

So, of course, there was only one thing to do. I pressed the reset button on my trip odometer. And voila! Once again going 30 or 40 or whatever the scenery was doing passing me on Sheridan at the time. It might seem odd to you, gentle reader, that pressing the reset button on the odometer would fix the speedometer. But, my hardware-fu is strong, and the solution came to me quickly (yes, my hardware-fu has always been mighty -- I once impressed two girls I knew in college who were unsuccessfully trying to get the vending machine near my dorm room to read their crinkly dollar bill while strolling by on my way to the bathroom. Without even pausing in my walk, I gave the machine a good whack with my fist of mighty hardware-fu-ness, and it took their dollar on the very next try. On the other hand, my software-fu isn't quite as reliable. But I digress).

Well, the speedometer was wasn't done yet. Pretty soon, there it was again, looking a bit limp at 19MPH. Hit the reset button again, and back up it popped, ready for action. 19MPH. Reset button. 19MPH. Reset button. It was getting a bit annoying, not to say distracting, having to tell it how good it was every mile or so.

And then, one time, on the freeway, immediately after it fell limply to 19MPH, it popped right back up to a vigorous, er, 70MPH (in a 55MPH zone, but never mind that), and it's been fine ever since.


Still. I'm not sure I trust it to behave for a terribly long time. And also I think one of the seals on those hydraulic-type things that hold up the hatch in the back failed on Sunday (which is a bit of pain when packing or unpacking the back), and the AC/heater fan's been on the fritz for a few months. Between all that and the soon-to-be-rusted dent where the Jeep hit the car, I get the feeling that the car's starting to fall firmly into the grip of entropy. The question is what needs to be fixed, what I can ignore, and what point I'll have to pull the plug on it for good. Unfortunately, now's not a particularly good time for me to go car shopping; I was hoping I'd have a few years left before I had to (and, well, I may yet. And yet, the annoyance builds). Still, the love has gone out of our relationship (well, honestly, most of that disappeared when the car was stolen several years ago, beaten all to hell, and I ended up needing two keys to get in and start the engine, and the new ignition didn't lock the key so I kept rolling the damn thing because now it was possible to leave it in gear when I shut it off and removed the key. Also, it turned all the warning lights on when I started it back up in that state, which scared the hell out of me the first time or two before I figured out why it was doing that).

I guess I never really loved it anyway. I thought I did. But I never did come up with a name for it, after all. So, it always remained an object to be used.

And somewhere in here is a metaphor about how I'm getting old and I'm going to die soon. But whatever. I'm going to Japan in a couple weeks. I can deal with this later. I hope.

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