Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs


A few pictures.

Went snowshoeing again today in Rocky Mountain National Park. This time, I took some pictures.

Dream lake, always photogenic:

This picture can't possibly do the scene justice. The sun is too close to being behind Longs Peak here, and with this much snow in the frame, everything is washed out. It was much more spectacular than this, really.

Who's that? It's me!

Went all the way up to Emerald Lake. The weather was really nice, if a bit on the warm side. Sunny, not too much wind. I think I actually got a bit of a tan out there. The snow was great, too... They'd gotten (maybe a foot?) of fresh powder, which made it so much nicer than last week's crunchy old snow.

It was also crowded as heck, which wasn't helped by the fact that the parking lot wasn't completely plowed at bear lake. But with such glorious conditions, it's hard to blame people for being there.

I already feel like I'm in better shape than last week -- this route is more strenuous than the route from Bear Lake around Lake Bierstadt (more intense, even if shorter overall -- only spent two and a half hours out there this time), but I wasn't as tired (or sore) as after last week.
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