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V-plain + のは ~(だ): "it is ~ to do such and such"
X は Y のが ~だ: with words such as 好き 「すき」, 嫌い 「きらい」, 上手 「じょうず」, 下手 「へた」, etc., e.g. "X likes to Y", "X is good at Y"
V-plain + のを/が + V-senses: "I saw someone do such and such", "I can hear it raining", etc.
V-plain + のを + V-waiting, helping: "I am waiting for such and such", "Let's help the sheep over the fence", etc.
V-plain + のに ~: "~ in order to do such and such"
V-plain + ことができる: "be able to do such and such"
V-plain + ことにする: "decide to do such and such"
V-plain + ことになる: "it is decided to do such and such"


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