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03 January 2007 @ 08:29 pm
Secret Message To Dusty, Part Two  
Okay, spent some quality time with Evan planning today, and here's a new revised schedule with additional details:

= Tuesday, 13 March - Depart Denver
= Wednesday, 14 March - Arrive Narita, spend night in Narita
= Thursday, 15 March to Friday, 23 March - Tokyo!
- There's apparently a Nippon2007 staff meeting on Sunday, March 18, which I've been invited to attend.
- My birthday is Friday, March 23, so there should be celebrating!
- I'll probably take a side (day?) trip to Yokohama at some point. Need to find out when is a good time for the person I'd be visiting. And I need to see when people are free to make more specific plans for the rest.
= Saturday, 24 March - Shinkansen to Akita (this could end up being Sunday).
= Sunday, 25 March to Tuesday, 27 March - Quality time in Akita (and side trips).
= Wednesday, 28 March - Possibly scenic slow train back to Tokyo via Niigata along the west coast of Japan, abusing a JR pass to its fullest; alternately, might do this on the way up, which might allow me to squeeze one extra day into Akita before returning to Narita via Shinkansen early Thursday.
= Thursday, 29 March - Depart Narita
= Thursday, 29 March - Arrive Denver (34 minutes later!)

Evan can correct me if I'm wrong or if anything changes, but it seems very unlikely he'll be able to join us; UW's spring break is the week after I return, and I imagine being on a student budget (and schedule) doesn't make anything easier. So it's vanishingly unlikely that he'll be there when I am.

If you can do 18 March to 3 April (I'm assuming that actually means a 19 March arrival) like you were thinking, that could work out quite well.
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dragonet2dragonet2 on January 4th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Didn't know you were also
a March baby. But you're an Aries. I'm a fishy.

this sounds like a great trip. I'll make sure Dr. P and Roh link up so they can see what is in store for them.