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Secret Message To Dusty

Here's a first attempt at a schedule (I'm running this by my friend in Tokyo, and will be talking to Evan tomorrow about the possible Akita leg, so this isn't remotely set in stone yet, but this is what I'm thinking now):

Tuesday, 13 March -- Depart Denver
Wednesday, 14 March -- Arrive Narita, spend the night in Narita
Thursday, 15 March -- Arrive Tokyo, staying until...
Sunday, 18 March -- Shinkansen to Akita, staying until...
Thursday, 22 March -- Shinkansen back to Tokyo
Friday, 23 March -- Party in Tokyo! 誕生日おめでとう to me!
Thursday, 29 March -- Depart Narita, arriving in Denver 34 minutes later (ah, the wonder of timezones).

The most likely change is swapping the Akita leg to after instead of before my birthday; either way, I want to be in Tokyo on the day itself. Doing that before is still better due to time constraints, though.

I'll keep you apprised of the schedule -- other than the flight times and my birthday, I still have a great deal of flexibility. And ultimately my birthday doesn't have to be spent in Tokyo, that's just a strong preference -- I want to spend that day/night with friends there.

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