April 1st, 2012

head shot


So, broke down and got the Nissan 370Z I'd wanted for some time. Ai-chan isn't particularly happy about the spending, but is somewhat mollified that I got the touring edition with heated seats (been so warm that it's not useful right now, but she's all for it in principle). And with the new job, we can afford it. It does mean that Domo-kun (the XTerra) is going to be relegated to the street -- only room for two cars in the garage. I couldn't ask Ai-chan to park the Fit on the street since she's the only one really driving these days anyway. Besides, I had to give on some things to get her to buy off on it in the first place.

No pictures yet -- they're doing final detailing and we'll be picking it up tomorrow (I forgot to take anything at the dealer). Plus busy setting up a new desk for the new equipment for the new job.

Also, did a Messier marathon last weekend before I went to Seattle to start the new job; I should do a post on that, maybe in a day or two.

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