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Since the price for a ticket dropped under $750 (right about when I expected it to drop under $750), I pulled the trigger today and am now flying out on Tuesday, 13 March and returning on Thursday, 29 March. Flight out is via SFO, flight back via SEA. The long legs are both on 777's, the shorter hops on 757's. I got window seats (I sleep better -- if you can call it sleeping, anyway -- leaning against the side of the plane -- the seat backs are just never tall enough for me, even if I could sleep like that. The slight extra room having an aisle seat never really made that much of a difference to me. And I like looking out the window).

I ended up paying an extra $7.50 or so for a flight leaving after 11:00AM (which is a heck of a lot less painful than leaving at 8:30 or -- great noodly woogly -- 6:00AM). So I shouldn't have to get up at oh-dark-thirty, at least. All other arrival and departure times are remarkably close to 5PM (local times).

Surprisingly enough, United had the cheapest airfare today (they were having their "New Year sale" which isn't really much of a sale. Or maybe they're just always having some sort of "sale" or something pointless like that, because the prices for a February flight have been steady for about a month. And more or less in line with the flights two months out at any given time). But if it would have even been close (under A $100 difference, maybe), I would have gone with United anyway, since that's who I have all of my current air miles with -- with the addition of the miles from this flight, I'll easily have enough for a free domestic flight, and almost enough for a free trip to Hawaii. Which I don't really see happening, but whatever (I could have flown to Hawaii last month for about $340. Which was actually almost tempting, but not really). I suppose I could have waited longer for a fare sale of some sort, but odds are against it, and then there's the usual restrictions on such making them less attractive.

It occurs to me that two flights to Japan are almost enough (all by themselves) to get me status on United again next year (11,879 so far on the way to 25,000). Which is slightly frightening, when you think about it.

Anyway. So that's set. Who's gonna come visit with me? Dusty? Evan? Bueller?

Time to get some sleep to make up for last night's party. あげましておめでとう to all y'all.

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