August 30th, 2011


Game Blog (#6) Or: a Few Planets

Not really that much since the last update Saturday morning, mostly I just have a few screenshots people might find interesting. But... What I did do:

- Created a number of "special" systems, including the home systems of a number of alien races.

- Changed some of the art around, namely the switched the black hole art (from system to galaxy display and vice-versa), and added art for the neutron star systems. And a few special planets.

- Created first-pass alien races, along the way finishing off a number of special star systems (some are more random than others, though).

- Updated the planetary display, colors, population, etc.

- Optimized galaxy creation a bit (it's still kind of slow).

So... Screenshots. First, our home system here:

[Click through all the images for full size.]

A black hole:

A neutron star:

One of these names is not like the others:

Anyway, kinda fooling around with races and names at the moment.

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