August 21st, 2011


Game Blog (#4) Or: Once upon a Galaxy (again)

So, some decent progress this week/weekend.

- Worked on some basic technology descriptions for the tech tab. Didn't quite finish -- it's kind of mind-numbing to come up with interesting copy for everything. It's even more mind-numbing to come up with non-interesting copy for everything, but at least it's quicker.

- Worked a little bit on the graphics for the tech screen, too, but didn't get very far there, either, just redid a couple things. Really need to spend some quality time there at some point.

- Added a galactic display, figured out how to render it properly (aha, NSImage, not NSImageView. Now I can draw lines over everything), added labels and controls for the labels and generally made it pretty-fied, and then threw in zooming and panning.

...Actually, damn, that looks pretty good.

Here's an early-game view:

[Click through for full size (also below).]

And a later game view:

And you know what, it looks really nice on the big screen:

It can probably handle some decent-sized galaxies on the big screen.

Next up: navigation to and from the system display (next weekend when I can concentrate on it) and images and stuff for the tech screen (which can be more of a catch-as-catch-can evening activity).

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