March 11th, 2011



Not in a good mood today. As far as I know, nobody I know was killed or injured -- but I still haven't gotten word back from everyone yet.

Sendai is one of my favorite cities in Japan, and it's just a bit unsettling that of the four passenger trains so far that have been confirmed as disappearing in the tsunami (just gone, presumably swept out to sea -- nobody knows how many passengers were on board at the time), two of them were on the Senseki Line. I remember that line, I've ridden on it.

I think I'd be calmer about the whole thing if I'd still been there (I mean in Tokyo. It's -- mostly -- just been scary for people in Tokyo, not as much of a disaster). Enduring something like that yourself is a lot easier than worrying about everyone. I've been jittery all day.

Japan's been ringing like a bell. There have been four or five aftershocks (and a couple foreshocks) that would have been once-every-two-or-three-year quakes squeezed into the space of a couple days, and, well, there's never been anything like a 8.9 quake(or possibly even 9.1, they're still not entirely sure) there before.

ETA: one of the Senseki Line trains has been found (derailed), and all the passengers were rescued.