November 1st, 2010

kanji diagram


So, since I didn't really have much better to do than play video games for at least the next couple of weeks (or at least, for a significant portion of the next couple of weeks), I was somewhat tempted to try NaNoWriMo. However, after realizing that actually, I think I'd rather spend time playing video games than writing a bad novel, I've decided to do something different.

So...NaJaStuMo for me. The goal is: study and/or add at least 50,000 Anki cards during November. I'll no doubt periodically post a tally of how many I study distinct from how many I add (which I expect to be somewhere in the 10,000 range at best -- I'm only counting each "fact" once, so even though each vocabulary word I enter adds five cards at the moment, it still only gets counted as one). That means I'll need to study about 1,200 cards a day, which is, uh, rather a high number. I've never maintained more than about 500-600 a day except at full sprint for two or three days before a midterm or something; of course, I spent a fair amount of time studying other things, but that many cards still involves at least a couple hours of concerted mental effort every day. It'll be exhausting.

Well, I suppose it'll be a challenge, at least.

Also, in other news, for the one person who reads this who doesn't know -- we'll be back in America (as in moving) in a couple of weeks, from the 17th of November. I didn't find a (decent) job in Japan, so back we go. I can't decide whether that makes me happy or sad, though -- I don't think I was ready, but honestly, Denver's a way nicer place, and better for me in most ways (physically and financially at least). So, meh.