September 17th, 2010

warning: motivational hazard


...Back in Japan. Technically looking for work, but I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll be moving back to the states in a couple months.

Of course, particularly notable in the recent job hunt is, well, a tale of epic US Navy IT fail.

See, someone suggested I go ahead and try to apply for IT jobs with the military here (which all seem to be Navy, and mainly seem to be in Yokosuka, which is all fine and good, it's pretty close to Tokyo). You know, especially since being here and such, I'd be a relatively attractive candidate (no need for relocation -- whether they would want my particular skills is another question, but I guess it doesn't hurt to apply, does it? Maybe they'd have something else that would fit, or whatever). Anyway, despite being resigned to moving back to the US (and not particularly unhappy about it right now, truth be told), I figured "hey, why not?" and thought I'd give it a shot.

Well, first problem -- Navy doesn't use the USAJobs site (nothing wrong with that site, it works just fine, they just don't use it). They list the jobs there, but you have to go to the US Navy site (CHART -- Civilian Hiring and Recruiting Tool or some crazy thing). But man, oh man, their site is busted. Every time I tried to create an account so I could actually apply for anything, the site went boom with a big SQL error. Well, except the one time I got "lucky" and it sorta created an account, only it didn't (another, slightly different SQL error), and now I can't even create an account because when I don't get a big kablooie SQL error, I get an error saying my SSN is taken (although I still don't have an account I can actually log in to).

I tried calling them this morning (my evening), but never got through. So... I guess I give up -- apparently they really don't want to hire me, even before considering the mediocre fit for the positions.

Oh, well. *shrug*

But uh... If you can't even get that far, I'm not sure how seriously they take this internet thing. It's really pretty pathetic.