August 20th, 2010



So, I should probably mention here (for networking purposes if nothing else) that I am looking for work as a programmer again (or really, as anything that's decent, but that's what I have experience in, hey?) I have a (slight) preference for jobs in Japan, but Colorado is good too. Actually, if the job is nice enough, not really too fixed on any particular country (moreso, ironically, for place within a country), but for practical reasons, US and Japan (that is, Tokyo and Denver) are the easiest to deal with.

I've actually been looking (somewhat seriously) for a short time now, although not so much before that, not least of which because of honeymoon and other reasons, but also because I've been burning money rather less quickly than expected the last few months, so don't have quite the immediate pressure I expected to have.

But now... It's time.