May 31st, 2010

sophia university


So, spent the weekend in Nagoya for the 51st annual 上南戦 (the annual sports battle between Sophia University and Nanzan University). This was an away year -- it alternates between Tokyo and Nagoya -- so rode the bus with the track team to Nagoya. It was fun, there was partying and sports and stuff. This year I threw the shot put (or, rather, put the shot -- if you're motivated, you can find my results in the pictures. Also -- there's actually a picture of me this time).

(Yeah, yeah, I stuck with the intensive program, as you can probably guess by now -- for one thing, if I hadn't, I'd have had time to post once in a while. At times like last weekend, I don't regret it. At times like this morning when I got my latest test back -- some major backsliding there -- I do. But I suppose I've given up on ever being competent in Japanese by now. >_<)

Anyway, here are some pictures, including this great big sign we stumbled across when wandering through Nagoya station:

[Rumor has it, the rest of the pictures might be past the link.]

Other things to say, no time to say them, really, so... There it is. Exhausted and homework to do (soon-ish).
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domo-kube train


And, a few random pictures from Nagoya, including this cool building:

[New pictures past the link to the right; older stuff to the left.]