March 20th, 2010



...Is rather warm and somewhat humid, you might say.

Firsts galore. First time over the Philippines (although I obviously don't count it as visiting, as I never set foot there -- but first time I've ever flown over a country I haven't visited, too). My impression of the Philippines: it was dark there.

First time this far south (just short of the equator -- but I'll blow that away when we go to Melbourne this summer. Previous record was the southernmost point on Hawaii, at approximately 19ºN. Taipei is slightly farther north). First time I saw the Southern Cross (I think, over the wing of the plane, so not 100% sure, but looked an awful lot like I think it should look at, given what I know of the summer sky and all my experiences stargazing in the northern sky). First time in Singapore, obviously, and soon the same for Malaysia.

It's, all... New, I guess. I don't have too much of an impression yet, other than, well, tropical.


Another first -- first time on mainland Asia. Or even Eurasia, for that matter. And today... Southernmost point on mainland Asia, Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Photograph proof acquired. Although... Well, it's almost certainly a lie. Palawan beach wasn't the southernmost part of the island. Nor, actually, is it attached to mainland Singapore. Nor, actually, is Singapore (itself an island) actually attached to the mainland. But hey, that's just what the sign said.

So, I guess, hey, not yet first time on mainland Asia, either, but that will come soon enough. When I land in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

Anyway, we also saw the giant Merlion (also from the inside!) and lots of container ships and tankers out in the bay. I dunno why that made me happy, I just like ships. And trains, and planes -- not like an otaku or anything, just in a general, low-key kind of way.