November 13th, 2009



Today's minor annoyance... On a much easier kanji test (where I'm fairly sure I got all the actual usage stuff right), I probably only got a low A instead of having a (good) shot at a perfect score -- all due to poor time management on my part. I really needed to spend (probably significantly less than) another hour studying, because I forgot some of the readings (where I'm generally rock-solid -- it's been keeping my grade up all this time).

Ah, well. If it isn't a (much) better result than the first time, at least it's encouraging -- Last time I got a high B when I knew every single word on the test, I just had trouble actually parsing the sentences they were supposed to go in... Keeping "contrast" and "compare" straight is hard enough in English (well, it was once, not anymore so much), but in Japanese it's just plain evil.
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