October 8th, 2009

domo-kube lost


The second typhoon I've experienced in Japan came through last night. Like the first one, it came through mostly when I was sleeping. Like the first one, didn't get the full brunt of it (first time because it had weakened by the time it hit Hokkaido, this time because it had veered off a bit to the west -- the eye went right over Anders, though, right after landfall). That's kind of convenient, I suppose. I still haven't been through a real one.

They canceled classes today. I guess it makes me a curmudgeon to be annoyed instead of glad. But the trains were kind of snafu this morning -- I've never seen 24 pages of train delay notices on the screens on the Yamanote train before -- I think my previous record was four.

The weather's nice, even if it was really windy this morning (and still a bit windy right now) -- I went out when we were still in the 50kt circle, but the rain bands were all past. The clouds were moving pretty fast too, but the weird part is how they were actually going fast enough to make the sun seem like it's winking in and out almost instantly when the clouds covered it and then passed a couple seconds later. The effect was even more noticable when I was still inside, with the (frosted) windows closed so you couldn't see what was causing it.

In other news, the apartment is nice. Inexpensive, convenient, reasonably large, and in a totally kick-ass neighborhood. Got the keys yesterday, the aircon installed today (it was delivered yesterday), will be getting internet on Saturday, my bed and desk on Sunday, and Ai's apartment arrives (wholesale) on Tuesday. Time to update the FB info, I suppose.
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