September 20th, 2009

ueno kouen


...Seems familiar somehow. Besides the (mostly) traditional first breakfast at ロッテリア, and later クリームパン and Royal Milk Tea... Well, pretty jetlagged. Managed to avoid it last time by sleeping in ahead of time, didn't have a chance this time. Not a big deal, I can use the morning time.

Somehow, there's McDonald's conveniently between the train station and the guest house (again). Fortunately, this time it's not the only food option for miles. Nor next door.

No sense of culture shock or anything remotely approaching it this time; managed to become completely oblivious to my surroundings almost immediately. (Also, hatred of the weather commenced practically upon landing -- it's obviously not high summer anymore, but it's always worse than Denver.) I can only hope that what little Japanese I have comes back as easily.

Also... What lousy timing for "Silver Week" here... Why can't it be during the actual school year?
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Ai Climbs A Sand Dune

First pictures from our road trip are now up... Pictures from Great Sand Dunes National Park (tallest sand dunes in North America, at 800+ feet tall) and a bonus Monarch Pass picture.

Here is a sand dune:

Click through for the rest.
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