August 4th, 2009



So, he's gone. Maybe he'll come back, but he'd already been gone three weeks by the time I came home; it seems unlikely. Maybe he was hit by a car or eaten by a prairie dog or abducted by cat-coveting aliens, but one night he just didn't come back.

I didn't know until I got here, the housemates didn't tell me. Which is just as well, because I was already stressed out about finals. They made the right decision. But it's kind of ruined the homecoming -- I was really looking forward to seeing him. And I keep thinking of him all the time -- unlike Japan, everything around here reminds me. This was his house -- I didn't actually buy it for him, but I can't say he wasn't a factor in the decision, either. I keep expecting to see him, and he's not here.

From what Dusty tells me, they put in a fair bit of effort looking for him. I have to thank them for that.

I'm really bummed about it.

July 23rd would have been his tenth birthday.
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More Updating

I'll probably do some sort of trip report. Between not being caught up with LJ yet, having other things that needed doing, generally being tired from jet lag, and, well, the cat... I haven't been motivated. Mostly from not being caught up, I guess.


I did buy a bike today, though. Spent a little more than I would have liked, but not really more than I expected. Also took the other bike in to get it fixed up (the full mountain bike, the new one is meant for roads and paved trails, it's lighter and doesn't have any suspension)... Anyway, it's going to cost about what I expected, at around $300 -- it was sitting in the sun for a couple years on my apartment balcony, and that takes quite a toll. The handlebar grips literally melted. Literally. It's still a good bike, though (frame, rims and such are in perfect shape), it cost about three times that new, and probably about a third of the $300 is labor, so it's well worth recovering.

I really meant to do this months ago before I left, but I wasn't going to use them until this summer anyway, so it really doesn't matter. I'll get a fair bit of use out of them over the next few weeks (was going to go today, but the tired has set in and it looks vaguely like it might think about raining sometime). And they ought to be better preserved in my garage than the one was on my balcony.

Really tired now. Still a week yet before I'll be mostly over the jet lag. Montreal is going to really suck... I'm pretty much going to either sleep through all the parties, or wish I had.
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