July 31st, 2009


Life In Five Suitcases

So, back to Denver tomorrow; although given the time difference, that's two days local time. Almost seven weeks before I return, minus almost a week in Montreal.

Apparently my life in Tokyo fits in approximately five suitcases. It took three to get here from Denver, approximately two are staying in Tokyo over the summer (one in actual suitcase and a bit less than the equivalent in a loose collection of stuff), and taking three back to Denver with me. Of course, of those three, about a suitcase or so won't be coming back to Tokyo with me after the summer -- that suitcase is full of omiyage, Lego sets not available in America and the like -- but will be replaced with winter clothes and such.

Third day of exams went okay, but not great. Mostly because I was tired and burned out and didn't prepare very well -- by that point I was a bit beyond caring. I did do badly on the interview test (probably did fine on the composition), not because I couldn't handle the Japanese, but from performance anxiety -- I just went blank; the minute we were done I was chatting away just fine with the teacher... In Japanese. There's a disconnect there somewhere, since I (mostly) do fine in interviews, but do terribly on the listening comprehension tests. Not quite sure what it is, but I'm probably actually doing better than I think, I guess. Now that I've been able to sleep in and relax for a day or two, I'm seeing some encouraging signs -- not that I'll ever be happy with my level of proficiency, I'm sure, I'm too much of a perfectionist. :(

Anyway, will catch up on LJ and email when I get back to Denver, most likely, about to more or less go offline for a couple days here.
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