May 18th, 2009

sophia university

上智大学陸上部 Update

So, apparently some sort of major 関東 Invitational track and field event was today (actually, not just today, I think); Sophia had a team competing in the 4x400 meter relay. Anyway, we went out and cheered as a team. It was interesting and educational and fun and all that.

I'm not really sure how the guys did -- they were fifth out of eight in their heat, which seems respectable given that there were probably people out there that will someday compete in the Olympics, or at least get close to that level. What I don't know was how many other heats for that event there might have been. Of course, I was too oblivious to find out what their actual time was. :-/

Other than that, today has mostly been studying. The usual homework, a composition assignment (maybe I'll post a copy of that after I turn it in tomorrow), and I've got a lesson test (think grammar and vocabulary and such), a kanji test, and a "role playing" test coming up this week (I started on a script for that, but haven't finished it yet). I never managed to squeeze in enough time to actually study beyond that. Maybe tomorrow I might be able to get ahead a bit.

Off to bed, it's too late already.
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New Word

Apropos of 人身事故, heard a new word today -- chuocide.

At least one this morning, out of three total 人身事故 (that I know of).
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kanji diagram

Japanese Composition

So, we're up to three composition assignments in class now. I suppose since I've turned in one today, I can post them here, too, mistakes and all; I suppose there's a temptation to clean them up when posting them for all to see, but it will also give me something to look at when I want to see my progress, or just how bad I was back when, once I'm (hopefully) a little better at this whole Japanese thing.

Looking back, they seem a bit sloppy and idiotic already, but I guess that's what happens when you do them at the last possible moment, I guess. :|

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