May 8th, 2009

gir likes squirrels

One Umbrella, Two Umbrella

Japan, the disposable umbrella society. How else to explain how, after having two umbrellas disappear on you on Tuesday, you can find one abandoned umbrella on the train on Friday, and end up with two umbrellas, from an initial investment of only one umbrella?

I wonder if I'll ever see one wear out -- I haven't so far. I've never spent a significant sum on an umbrella here (you can get them at 100 yen stores), and not counting ones I've abandoned on my return to America, I've lost at least three or four.

Also, saw my first rainbow in Japan since I got here. I've probably seen a rainbow here before, but I can't immediately recall when (not counting waterfalls). They're neither particularly common nor particularly bright here, unlike Colorado -- you just don't tend to get the same combination of localized rain and bright sun very often.
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