May 1st, 2009

warning: motivational hazard

Pre-Golden Week Special Edition

Ah... Golden Week is here, the non-stop party begins tomorrow (today, time to recover from the week). No more rush hour trains for me until Friday! Woo! \(^o^)/

Aaaanyway, let's see what recent notes I have:

Saw a parking garage near Mejiro station -- a pretty big one. Filled entirely with bicycles (of course, I've seen car parking garages, too, but they tend to have all the cars up inside the building in a big rotating rack thingy. Yeah, things are different here what with all the lack of space and such).

I had another idea for what to put on the sleeve of my track jacket -- マスコット. The way I run, it seemed apt. o_O

I finally had a McPork, and I like it! It's like a tasty breakfast sausage patty in convenient afternoon sandwich form! 200% tasty! ^_^

You gotta wonder how people lived in Japan before the invention of the smart phone -- the iPhone is like the best thing ever on the train... I probably send (at least!) 20 or 30 messages a day every day on the thing, most of them while riding or waiting for trains. It's insanely addictive. Or maybe I'm just addicted to sending email back and forth with ai_hua. O_o

And the last thing -- went to the oral surgeon today, and did some scanning and stuff (I think at this point, I've finally collected the whole set -- ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, and finally CT). He was of the opinion that we shouldn't do surgery yet, because the shadow from the infection that started the whole mess isn't entirely gone yet. Everything's going the right direction, we just need to wait -- he's a lot more cautious than the surgeon I had back in Denver, who was a lot more assembly-line cavalier about the whole process. I'm still probably going to do it here, even at the (somewhat) higher cost (come on exchange rate, you know who loves you)... I would still take a year or so to finish if I tried to squeeze it into visits back home anyway, so even with the delay, it'll still be faster to get it done here.
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