April 29th, 2009


Land Of The Rising Sun

More stuff. No interesting pictures, too busy. I'll get to that by August or so, no doubt.

Today was nice -- no rush hour trains, since today was a holiday for everyone but me (we get next Thursday off to make up for it). Otherwise, rush hour trains are the bane of my existence -- I'm really not looking forward to summer here.

But I don't really feel like I'm making much progress with things. I mean, I've been here a couple weeks, and I'm still not fluent! *grump* Also, I'm probably losing weight and getting in shape, but I'm still slow, and my knees hurt. Eh, well, whatever, Golden Week is coming up, and there's a certain insanity of being on the track team, of all things, anyway. (Although -- I need to figure out what to put on my jacket. I was vaguely thinking maybe using my Chinese name, 道格, but I don't really know.)

So, random thoughts lately:

Went to the ginormous post office in Shinjuku. It had ten ATM machines all in a row. :) A whole big building of post-office-ness.

Found a good spicy curry place in Ikebukuro station. A little expensive, but I'll probably eat there now and then.

Speaking of which, been trying various things at the school cafeteria. The curry's decent, if typical boring Japanese curry, but the ramen's kinda awful. I'll keep trying a few other things, though. It's cheap and convenient, though, as long as you avoid the worst of the lunch rush right after I get out of class.

Uh... Not much else to report. Studying, running around, waiting for ai_hua to get back from Okinawa, and looking forward to golden week...
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