April 23rd, 2009


The Studying Life

Various notes from the last week or two (no pictures, haven't really taken much worth posting, too busy):

You know that really sappy song from the opening of Enterprise? Heard it being played in the Seibu department store. That was a bit weird -- almost as weird as hearing Utada Hikaru in an Albertson's in Denver last year.

Had a kidney stone (did I mention this? I can't recall). I thought it was a fragment of the old one, but when it popped out, it was a good 5 or 6mm. The part I found especially strange was how I never even felt it until it was post-bladder. Ah, well, it's nice that they're (mostly) not too bad for me.

I think I've decided (now that I live here, which changes things a bit) I actually like Wendy's better than Lotteria. Sometimes. :) And you know, the tiny frosty really is perfect for fry-dipping.

Japanese dryers are the most amazingly useless devices ever made. I mean, wow. Why do they bother building them? Hanging things on the line is mostly just making them wrinkly. Also, air dryers in the bathroom seem particularly ineffective here. :(

I love the daily 5:30 announcement (that seems to come from the local middle school here). I haven't been quite able to make it out when I've heard it, but it's no doubt something about how the kids are going home, so be extra careful on the streets. Ah, what a loudspeaker culture Japan is. It's like nobody knows how to do anything unless a loudspeaker tells them. :|

Japanese dentistry is... Weird. Not sure how the whole surgery thing is going to go, though. I seem to have found a good surgeon, but they're quite expensive. And they want to do additional work I wasn't originally planning on.

Boy, you can collect an awful lot of points on your Yodobashi camera card over a couple years. It might be a while before I have to spend actual money there again.

Also -- there are an awful lot more "accidents" than there used to be. :(

Ibuprofen is a lot easier to find when you figure out how they actually pronounce it here.

Finally saw the Imperial Palace grounds for the first time today -- running by with the 上智大学 track team. Yeah, I've picked up some strange hobbies, I guess.
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