March 21st, 2009


Day One

There's some interesting things in Taipei. Like the temples have user instructions on the wall -- I don't think I've ever seen anything remotely like that in Japan. Also, the temples are all new (or new-ish, at least compared to China or Japan, although in some cases, we're talking barely older than me); I suppose it's proof that religion is alive and well here (the temple URL scrolling across the big LCD display over the gate, well, that just takes it to a whole new level).

Top crazy food so far: blood on a stick. The rest was unusual, but not strange, if you know what I mean. Just animal parts we don't normally eat.

More scooters than Japan. In a lot of ways, more western than Japan, though. But, well, still different.

Saw an add on TV in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Thought that was really odd, until someone explained to me that people like to buy certain things from Japan or the United States, to guarantee quality. Given that the add was for cosmetics or something, I guess that makes sense.

Jet lag's not so bad. Was pretty functional until 8PM, which isn't bad. More or less slept all night, although the extra couple of hours on the end might have been a bad idea -- just too much sleep. But after a couple days with only a couple hours of sleep, figured I'd err on the side of extra sleep.
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