March 20th, 2009

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Yacht rock is alive and well in Taiwan. That was some fine easy-listening in the limo taxi from the airport.

Taipei TV (well, cable) seems to almost have more U.S. channels than Chinese-language channels. It might, actually, I didn't count. But watching Mythbusters in Taiwan with Chinese subtitles is kind of cognitively dissonant. Need to catch some commercials.

The one thing I forgot? A patch cable for teh internets -- but I got one from the hotel desk anyway this morning. I was too tired to go down and ask for one last night, settling in. Didn't sleep well, but I feel awake enough right now -- thank you, jet-lag. Could have been worse, I suppose -- that was a really long trip.

It's warm and humid here. About what I expected, I suppose. And, alas, the AC turns off when I leave the room (as is the case for most Japanese hotels, too. The AC is weaker here though -- actually, maybe it's just that the room is much bigger. One advantage to those tiny Japanese hotel rooms, I guess). It's an older hotel, so the internet was obviously added in later -- one not-so-good side-effect of that is that the power near the ADSL/ethernet cable is on the ceiling next to the jack. Doesn't really work that well with the MacBrick power supply. I think it might fall on my head.

Update: I've had worse boiled bacon.
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There are six-dollar burgers, but in Taiwan, they have $100 burgers. :)

[Not remotely as bad as it seems, check the exchange rate. I wonder if they have a Lotteria here? I can wait, though.]
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