January 4th, 2009


Part Three

Pictures from Japan, Part III: Miyajima (and a touch of Fukuoka)

This is one of the really famous places in Japan -- there are a handful of places you can be sure everyone has seen pictures of in Japan. One of those places is Mt. Fuji. One of the others is the floating red gate of Itsukushima shrine on Itsukushima, better known as Miyajima.

I spend most of the day there, from low tide to high, then went back to Hiroshima for the night. The next day I moved my luggage to Okayama (where it stayed for several days, even though I wasn't there the whole time). I also hopped the train to Fukuoka that day; I didn't end up doing much more there than Hakata ramen for lunch, though, since the one place I wanted to see was closed, and the weather was kinda crappy. So I headed back to Okayama after pretty much blowing the day wandering around.

The famous floating red gate:

[Click through for the rest, obviously. Pictures start from the link to the right, older pictures are to the left.]
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