December 23rd, 2008


A Bad Day, I Guess

So, I did manage to find a dentist downtown, but they ended up canceling on me.

Fortunately, I was able to find a second dentist right near my house. The bad news is that the base of the tooth is cracked, so it seems to be a total loss, and even worse, there's some badness going on down there. Chances are, both front teeth are toast, and I'm going to need major work up there. Which I suppose is a bit of a bother (and will probably cost me a bit), but, well, I barely ever had teeth of my own there. Lots of followup next week, blah blah.

Less annoying long-term, but more annoying short-term, my car failed in the parking lot. Which could have been a inaccurate gas gauge (it shouldn't have been out of gas yet -- but the symptoms aren't inconsistent with that. On the other hand, tried putting some gas in it, and it didn't revive, maybe not enough gas?). Or, it could be something more serious, but it's at the dealer now (and under warranty in case of serious stuff). The annoying part there was the five hours it took to get the car six miles to the dealer (first tow canceled, but nobody bothered to tell me, etc., etc.) But, well, that'll probably work itself out today. There's someplace I'd like to be tonight, and I had a meeting today at work, but I'm still waiting to see if they can fix the car quickly, or if I can get a rental, or who knows what.

Ah, well. Holidays are here, which means time off and sleeping in and recovering from various excitements.
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