August 27th, 2008


There's A Party Downtown

Working downtown during the convention has been very interesting so far... I think I just saw someone protesting the war of northern aggression or some such.

There might be rioting or something later, after the Rage Against the Machine concert. Or maybe not, people are kind of apathetic around here these days. Have to keep my eyes open.
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State Of The Mall

The religious wackos were out in force. I got a "burritos for Obama" button. There were also anti-bird-porn activists (shame on birdwatchers, you shameless voyeurs! Leave the birds alone!), and a film crew was filming the inside of a trash can for some undetermined reason.

In the meantime, I'm watching the "live Rage streetcam" periodically, and maybe I'll go watch them march past my building (which is on the planned route, but alas, on the opposite side of the building from our windows).
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