July 12th, 2008

domo-kube beer

Done, More Or Less

Bad (good?) news: no lithotripsy for me.

So, turns out, in the two weeks it took to get my appointment scheduled, the stone had actually managed to move a bit. Which meant it wasn't in a very good position to be blasted with sound waves. They stuck something up there (um, yay) and tried to push it back into the kidney, but no joy.

Good (bad?) news: instead, they shot it with a laser.

Of course, that means they stuck something else up my pee pee stick to do the actual zapping and blasting. I got pictures, at least, but boy, something really feels pretty violated, let me tell you. The sand that's left isn't really giving me much pain in the side anymore, though, just kind of continuing to scrape things up, I guess.

Other bad news: there's also a stent up there, so they'll have to violate me once more to take it out in a couple weeks when I do the followup urologist visit. Joy.

Throat's a bit scraped up feeling from the tube, too, and apparently I got sick all over myself in the hospital, but other than waking up feeling really, really uncomfortable (especially, you know, with the, er, stinging), I don't remember any of that. I guess I'm recovering okay.

I have ridiculous amounts of drugs.
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