May 25th, 2008

crazy person with sign


So, went geohashing yesterday; it turned into a bit more of an adventure than I'd expected -- the trail was covered with snow (not entirely unexpected), and one of the people in the group had only been above sea level for two weeks, so that made things a little more interesting than they might have otherwise been, but everyone made it there and back in one piece, and everybody had fun. Which I guess is what really counts.

Of course, I didn't get back until almost 11PM (with soaked boots -- waterproof boots don't do you much good if you fill them with snow. I could have done something about that on the trip, but I didn't really bother, and just changed my socks back at the car -- always carry extra socks on a hike! -- and didn't ever put them back on last night after that, even covering my apartment parking lot in just the socks). Anyway, that kinda killed my schedule for last night, but しょうがない, I guess.

Anyway, pictures:

More (mostly better) pictures and stuff at the "official" wiki page. Some more posted on the Facebook group, too.
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