January 9th, 2008



So... In a mere hour or two less than two weeks, I'll be starting Chinese at Metro.

Anybody got any suggestions for dictionaries (computer, online, print, whatever), or other reference resources?

你好!我叫。。。何となく。。。我是美国人。 :)

At least dealing with input methods is easy. If only I knew how you deal with western names in 中文. :)
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Holy crap.

Some of you may or may not know that 道 has been my favorite kanji for years (hence, the icon here). Partly because of the way it looks, partly because of the meaning (with the semi-philosophical overtones). Well, wandering around the internet, I found out how to write my first name in Chinese on zhongwen.com.

Just guess what the first character is. I dare you.

Apparently, in full, Douglas is written:

道格拉斯 (dàogélāsī)

Coincidence, or fate? Well, okay, I'm going with coincidence, myself. Also, apparently, this sort of transliterated name isn't used much, and at four syllables, it's hellish awkward, anyway. But maybe I could do 道格 instead.

As for my last name, though... No clue as to how to write it. Not even going to try.
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