December 10th, 2007


I Suppose...

...It's just as well I never named my car, since today is probably it for it.

Had an accident this morning. Guy ran a red light and sideswiped me. Pretty much totaled the front of the car. Right now, I smell like airbag, which probably saved me from more serious injury (along with the seatbelts). But... I still feel pretty damned sore and beat up right now, especially my head, neck, and shoulders.

We'll see what happens with insurance, but I'm worried that instead of fixing it up (which, depending on the damage up there, might not even really be possible), they'll just total it. I can't imagine the Blue Book value for a '98 Honda Civic with almost 200k miles is going to make for much of a down payment on anything. And, well, right now... Not exactly floating in cash.

At least insurance covers a rental (well, most of it -- I can handle the ~$4/day slice, though) until this gets worked out. Chevy Cobalt, usual squishy Chevy handling. Not really sure if it's that uncomfortable a car, or I'm just in that bad of shape.
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