November 27th, 2007

domo-kube train

Back From Kansas City

Overall, an annoying trip. Seeing people made it bearable, but not good.

Flight back was reasonably hellish, had to get up at 3AM (2AM Denver time) to make the flight and all (actually, could have gotten up half an hour later, or even an hour later if I was pushing it, but the difference would have been minimal as far as my sleep schedule is concerned). The flight itself was (of course), delayed, due to brake issues (they actually towed us back in from the runway to be on the safe side), but eventually we made it back, in time to make my meeting, with a stop at Starbucks on the way to get some energy in me. I napped fitfully through the delay and most of the flight, as I was exhausted -- but for some bizarre reason, the empty seat next to me ended up with a woman and her kicking baby in it for the last half-hour of the flight -- I have no idea how or why they ended up there, but, well.

Anyway, back to working today, in my somewhat zombie state. Even with a nap, I don't really recover from anything approaching that much sleep disruption without another full night to recover. Especially in my very bright apartment, which makes napping in the daytime not all it can be. IOW, still pretty worn out at the moment. Should be more or less back to normal tomorrow, though.
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fuji-sama summit


Got a notice for jury duty today. Not a big deal, I don't particularly mind it, but I wonder if being involved in an active case disqualifies me or anything? At any rate, don't need to worry about it until mid-January.

Also, how did I ever end up with 76 friends on LJ? I remember when I had, like, ten.
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