October 14th, 2007


Oh, yeah...

...Chiefs won, too. 27-20 over Cincy.

Pretty good defense against the Bungles... If only they had an offensive line, they'd actually be a pretty good team. And there's the rub -- they're every bit a .500 team, if that. Of course, it's possible they'll make the playoffs anyway, but darned unlikely they'll get anywhere if they get there -- I'd almost rather they just lost and got themselves some better draft picks, because they are pretty close to being a really good team if they could just plug a few personnel holes.
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colorado rockies

Rockies 4, Diamondbacks 1

Rocktober rocks on.

I'm a little surprised they played this one in the weather -- it's cold and nasty out there. But I guess it was just drizzling, and well, if it was football...

So, that makes 20 of 21, right?
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