September 21st, 2007


Nan Desu Kan And Doramas

A little late, because I've been busy (and note the use of an almost entirely inappropriate icon these days), but here's a list of things I'm looking for, from various sources, but mostly from the live-action video room at NDK. Of course, I'm not sure where to find them, but I'll work on that later:

Ushi Ni Negai Wo (yay, Hokkaidou!)
Sh15uya (a.k.a., Shibuya 15)
Sushi Oji (no idea what I'll think of this, didn't actually see any of it, but sounded interesting)
Nodame Cantabile (maybe -- I only saw a few minutes of it)
Sera Fuku To Kikanjuu (hells yeah, was entertaining)

I've already got Papa To Musume No Nanokakan and Yama Onna Kabe Onna in the pipe, maybe the first five episodes of each. Haven't really watched them yet. Also, need to actually watch Tsu Hanman and the rest of My Boss My Hero (I think I'm on episode five or so) and the rest of Dr. Who season 3/29 (I think the SciFi Channel has actually caught up with me).

Also, I want to grab Wild Zero and whatever that squid wrestling movie was that I forgot the name of (rummages through search engines)... Ah, yes Calamari Wrestler.

So, those are the things I want.
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