September 10th, 2007


One Last Day

Last night... Late one, though (needed to do one day of laundry to make it home, and, well, was hanging out doing karaoke until late enough to need a taxi, but, well, we knew that).


A long train ride is still a long train ride, even if it's on the shinkansen.

Funny, the tunnel to Hokkaidou looks about the same in the daytime as it did at night -- dark.

Saw a guy with a gun on the train. Said, woah, he's got a gun. Sure, he was a policeman, but still. I hadn't actually noticed them wearing guns before, though, until I was sitting near one for an extended period.

Looks like the last meal in Tokyo may be the same as the first, in the same establishment.

And also on that note, Lotteria in Japan is right about one month older than me. We're the same age! Sort of.