August 25th, 2007

domo-kube rice

Ah, Humidity

First full day... And maybe the last post for a couple more, as I go off the net for the next couple of nights (or at least I won't have my laptop -- I may have internet at the hotel, but seriously doubt I will on top of Fuji-sama).

Anyway, wandered around today, met up with a couple friends, spent too much money on an electronic dictionary, uh, rode trains around, am very tired from jet lag (but holding out just a bit longer so I can hand off my suitcase), and uh, stuff. (Did I mention tired?)

It's pretty nasty here (oy, so humid), but I'm getting used to it. I guess you just have to not care that much about turning into a ball of sweat, and uh, stuff. (Yes, tired. It's late!)

But you know, Japan has the, er... Most interesting toilets. Today in McDonald's (no, didn't eat there, just ordered a drink so we'd have someplace to sit for a bit -- in air conditioning -- while we waited for the rendezvous time with a third party, and all the nearby coffee shops in Akihabara were packed) they had one of those electronic toilets, with lots of buttons and stuff. My favorite was the button that made a fake flushing noise. Just the noise, not an actual flush (with volume controls and everything). That was, uh... Interesting.

In other news, tired. But hanging on. Respiratory tract is definitely in better shape, although even given two more days to improve (well, one day and two nights), I doubt it will be quite one hundred percent.