August 24th, 2007

ueno kouen


I have arrived, hopped the trains to Uguisudani, checked into my hotel, acquired クリームパン (not アンパン -- maybe I'll get some tomorrow), 500ml of Kirin from the hotel vending machine, and settled in. Ah, Japan, how your weather sucks, and yet, being here is happiness. Another hour or so here, and I'll go ahead and crash (I have hopes that my jet-lag will be fairly easy to deal with this time around).

The flight was reasonably hellish -- lots of drugs got me through it, but even though the cold is noticeably receding (my voice is about back to normal), it wasn't pleasant (dry, thin air does not make your throat happy). Could have been even worse, I guess. But overall, I'm feeling a fair bit better, and am pretty optimistic about climbing Fuji-sama on Monday.